#Staying the Course



Giraffes are known to need a very, very big and strong heart to pump the blood all the way to the head – Humadi’s heart full of helpfulness, attention and generosity is an impressive example. He does not distinguish between living and working. He is not a “40 hours a week do-gooder”, but lives his vision every second and with every single activity…

Caring for the mental and physical health of children

We are living through not only one of the most polarizing times in history but unfortunately also one of the most vicious and ideologically charged. This gets especially tragic when it comes to kids and adolescents, who are increasingly pulled into the net of this new reality of the coming metaverse, its convenience, health doctrine and social uprooting.

Stringbean Party

These are two people who came to Germany from Australia and America, or better, from Taiwan where they met, fell in love and started to make their music some ten years ago. They are young and beautiful but even more, resilient, artistic, hard working and giving all for creating life and environment in a way lost on most of the lost of today, who are many……

Foto Credit: kanthari.org

Recyclers of waste

If black soldier fly larvae could enter competitive eating contests, they would excel, especially when it comes to eating nasty stuff that we don’t want around or wouldn’t think of eating ourselves. The ability of the black soldier fly to convert low-grade organic waste into high-quality nutrients has opened-up a ground-breaking prospect for the large-scale production of animal feed. The high protein content of insects provides an immense opportunity to develop sustainable technology for the production of animal feed at a low cost. kanthari participant Adegbite Tobi Gabriel from Nigeria tell us about that.

Homepage: https://entojutu.org/

Jaboya – fishing in dangerous waters

When Cavin Odera’s parents and oldest sister died of HIV/AIDS, he was mocked and discriminated against. This experience eventually triggered his willingness to empower girls and young women. So he created WA-Wa, to equip them with skills to earn sustainable livelihoods without falling victim to “sex for fish”, a common practice around the Lake Victoria. Wa-Wa trains this woman in everything about fishing, from tying nets, building boats, fishing on Lake Victoria, to fish farming in self-built ponds. More details about WA-WA can be found at: wawakenya.org/

Foto Credit: kanthari

We are here

Last Summer, as for 2021, Afghanistan was again everywhere in the news. The Taliban captured Afghanistan’s capital Kabul 20 years after they were ousted from power. Most of us, still remember the horrifying video, showing two people tragically falling down from a plane in Kabul, as they tied themselves to the wheels of the aircraft to fly out of the country, amid tension. My guest today comes from Afghanistan. Nematullah Ahangosh is an Activist, a Poet, and founder of Stretch More; a mobile empowerment parkour for the disable. By Stretch More, people with disabilities can empower themselves through survival skills, entrepreneurship, leadership and sports activities. Nemat is physically disabled and also a kanthari alumni, he just graduated. A few weeks back, as for december 2021, he had his dream speech which you can see at the youtube channel of the kanthari education center.

Taliban in Afghanistan

First an Apologie. It’s been a while since we published an Episode of this Podcast, but I had strong reasons. I explain everything in the first two Minutes of this Episode. Now, today´s Podcast: one of the lesser known facts of 20th-century world history is Cuba’s military help in Afghanistan during the critical years of the Saur Revolution of 1978. Cuba was among a small number of countries who voted against a resolution by the Non-Aligned Movement at the United Nations General Assembly which condemned the Soviet union’s intervention in Afghanistan in 1979. And todays Podcast its about Afghanistan. I recorded this Interview in january, a few days before I went back home. The interview lastet two hours, but I decided to split the recording in two, so this week my guest is going to talk about the situation in Afghanistan. Next week, he’s going to talk about his dream. So I kindly invite you to listen to this Episode.

Foto Credit: CPL Sam Shepherd/Crown Copyright 2011, NZ Defence Force

Grenzgängertum und die Verkürzung der Strecke

Hubert Maria Dietrich, one of the new commended Giraffe Hero, is a very nice, very straight guy. We all know, Giraffes are known to need a big and strong heart to pump the blood all the way to the head – Humadi’s heart full of helpfulness, attention and generosity is an impressive example.
We at the foundation call him Humadi, founded humanum, a people-to-people company that produces pioneering products for a better world with the following vision: “When everyone shares, no one is left empty-handed.” Today you’ll get to know Humadi. On the day he got his commendation, he talked to us at the foundation and also played some songs. Yes he is also a musician. His speech and performance was in german. So i’m apologising to my non-german speaking listeners with a promise. Soon I’m recording a Podcast with Humadi and you will get the chance to get to know him better. In the meantime, I kindly invite you to enjoy this speech and performance. To reflect and, why not, to philosophize a little with us. So please, lean back and enjoy Grenzgängertum und die Verkürzung der Strecke.

VitaNetz – Podcast in German

Giraffe Hero Katharina Lehmann, a psychologist with her own practice, had a permanent position on the police force in Zürich. She could truly have had a quiet life. However, Katharina was not willing to compromise on the truth, stepped out of her comfort zone and put her employment and public reputation on the line. She co-initiated the VitaNetz Foundation. VitaNetz is building an innovative society that places health and the harmonious coexistence of humans, animals and nature at the center of its activities. This includes pesticide- and antibiotic-free agriculture, animal husbandry, solidarity-based economic management with its own monetary system, and a lot more. But listen to it yourself, today I’m bringing to you Katharinas speech at the headquarters of the Giraffe Heroes Foundation as a podcast.

More Infos: https://www.vitanetz.ch/