#Staying the Course

Civil Courage

The Global Status Quo

Civilization from East to West is following a trend of disempowering of its citizenry and empowering of the ruling few in the interests of market forces and of fundamentalist ideologues. Ever advancing technology enables corporations and the politicians they own, media moguls, and the military to wield never before seen influence over how people are kept safe and manageable, be it in what they are practically doing, or be it in what they are meant to think. Along the way the environment is ruined by unsustainable exploitation without end and wars are perpetuated for the sake of private profits. The political establishment has made itself a puppet in the pursuit of wealth creation and the promulgation of nativist, fundamentalist ideologies, pitting the elect few against a vast majority of citizens. The extent of the disaster still varies from country to country – the trend is global.

A different kind of community

To counter this development a different kind of community is needed; one in which people have the courage to stand up and say, No. I’m going this way, and are devoting their lives to work for change in the right direction.

Hear their voices

These people do exist; and as long as they do there is hope. However their voices need to be heard more often, their activities need support and a movement needs to be created which has the power to change the trend…..