#Staying the Course

Donations and Transnational Giving Europe

As a non-profit company GHF enjoys tax exempt status in Switzerland. That means, for Swiss residents we can provide valid tax certificates. If you would like to donate without becoming a member you may use the following account details:   

Bank: Trafina Privatbank AG, 4052 Basel
CHF IBAN: CH40 0857 2260 0103 0000 0
EUR IBAN: CH83 0857 2260 0103 0000 2

You are living in another European country and would like to support GHF in a tax-deductible fashion? That is possible for most countries – cf. this list – thanks to the Transnational Giving Network Europe and requires only  a few steps:

  1. You confirm your intent for a donation of >500 CHF (or equivalent in EUR, £ or USD) with us;
  2. We obtain a confirmation of tax-effective network status with the general Swiss representative Swiss Philanthropy Foundation (takes about 2 weeks);
  3. You donate via the network representative in your country, who transfers the funds to us via Swiss Philanthropy.
  4. You obtain a tax-valid donation certificate from the representative in your country for the year in which the donation takes place.

Please don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions. Details regarding the process are outlined here; a general overview regarding TNGE you find under www.transnationalgiving.eu. We are grateful for all your support!