#Staying the Course

Foundation and Board

Giraffe Heroes Foundation GHF, Basel for the Giraffe Europe Project

Foundation and Board

The Foundation, set up in the fall of 2017 and registered as an official Swiss not for profit organization,  is an initiative to provide a platform for the commendation and support of individuals in Europe who fit the ideals of the Giraffe Heroes Project.

Situated in Switzerland it is open to candidates from all over Europe and moreover is seeking to make a connection on a global level as demanded from our times. At present GHF works like an NGO, dependent on individual support.  

If you would like to make a donation please get in touch.

If you would like to get personally involved and assist the effort please join the Friends of GHF circle here.

The GHF Board of Directors

GHF Founder, Karl Amadé, PhD

GHF has been set up and is headed by Karl Amadé together with the board and is supported by the Friends of GHF. Karl, a Sinologist, has started and run a number of companies doing business in China. When he accidentally came across John Grahams book “On the Edge” he was so impressed that he sought contact with the author, out of which a precious friendship developed which in turn has led him to form GHF in the fall of 2017, seeking to spread John Grahams and Ann Medlocks Giraffe-Project in Europe. Karl understands his role as that of a facilitator: those people attracted by the idea of the Giraffe Heroes Project have to be brought together, interactive platforms need to be formed and impact has to be created.

Jean-Pierre Moerlen, lic. jur

Legal advice and compliance
Contakt: jpm@giraffe-heroes.eu

Ralph Siegenthaler

Management office and accounting
Contakt: rs@giraffe-heroes.eu