#Staying the Course

Friends of the Giraffe Heroes Foundation

Memberships and Rewards

The Friends of GHF membership is a multi-tier program, attractive in terms of rewards and benefits as well as in terms of the access it gives to an international community of change makers. GHF is dependent on its members and values you as an integral, indispensable part of the foundations work and success.

There are three tiers as follows:

  • Basic   You are entitled to GHF publications free of charge and free access to four events per year at the Basel Biotope (GHF headquarter, admission  CHF 25);  when signing up you receive Giraffe and Project Founder John Graham’s autobiography “On the Edge” / “Entgrenzung” – English or German.
    Basic Tier Membership Fee: EUR 120.–.

  • Supporter   While enjoying all of the above you are a free guest at a two-days workshop organized by GHF founder Tom Amatt* featuring one or more Giraffe Heroes and their work in a participatory way (Meals included). In addition: Annual purchase voucher of CHF 250 for all titles of the AAP-Verlag, Basel (aap-Verlag.ch)
    Supporter Tier Annual Donation: EUR 600.– ; tax-deductible, membership fee waived.

  • Donor   While you are invited to all of the above the GHF team and partners, including many a Giraffe Hero invite you to visit project venues of your interest around the world – you are going to be received as a member of the family wherever you go: Andalucia, Kerala, Bassevelde etc.
    Donor Tier Annual Donation: ≥ EUR 1200.–

As a member we expect that you identify with the values of the Giraffe Heroes Project; you do not necessarily have to Stick Your Neck Out, but we understand that you carry esteem of and support for those who dare to go against the currents when these currents are violating the rule of human being.

Furthermore, as a member you are invited and welcome to vote for or against the commendation of newly nominated Giraffe-Heroes on a regular basis.

Please tell us your choice and/or question via email (bottom of page) or register here. We are looking forward to welcome you onboard!

*Dr. Karl Thomas Amadé Pilscheur