#Staying the Course

Friends of GHF

Friends of Giraffe Heroes Foundation

Friends of GHF  is a not for profit association registered  in Basel, Switzerland with the aim to support the foundations work. You want to become personally involved and actively seek to identify new Giraffes, coordinate joint project work, help with translations or help with fundraising? Then please join…


Friends of GHF Board

Helge Ruof, MD
(contakt: helgeruof@sunrise.ch +41 76 413 1836)

Helge is a pediatrician and an enthusiast for proper causes, especially with a view to education and guidance in health issues but does not shy away from political issues with equal fervor. Helge has actively supported the GHF project since the day it arrived in Switzerland. – She has studied medicine in Herdecke, Paris and Basel, specializing in Neuro-Pediatrics, furthermore she is a qualified homeopath from Zurich University and practitioner of craneosakraltherapeutics from Sphinx Institute, Basel.