#Staying the Course

Hubert Maria Dietrich (Humadi)

«He who conquers himself is the bravest of all fighters.»Sokrates

Hubert Maria Dietrich is the founder of humanum, a people-to-people company that produces pioneering products for a better world with the following vision: “When everyone shares, no one is left empty-handed.” It started with “Butzwasser”, a water without chemical additives that can be used to replace 80% of all cleaning and maintenance products, whether for cleaning facades, car rims, stove and floor, etc..

27 years ago, at the birth of his first daughter, Humadi decided to give up his secure, very well-paid job and career at IBM to live his values and work for a different world, a world that one is happy to pass on to one’s children with a clear conscience. When everyone shares and helps their fellow men, everyone is provided for and richly blessed. In order to exemplify this, he has reoriented his life from the bottom up. Everyone can imagine that as a newly minted family father, one is under a certain amount of pressure, and that it takes more than a grain of courage to give up one’s career, secure income and perspective at this very moment and trade it in for uncertainty, independence and work around the clock. But now he can look back on many years in which he was able to help many people with his work, even though there were definitely tough phases.

Giraffes are known to need a very, very big and strong heart to pump the blood all the way to the head – Humadi’s heart full of helpfulness, attention and generosity is an impressive example. He does not distinguish between living and working. He is not a “40 hours a week do-gooder”, but lives his vision every second and with every single activity. He expresses this in a variety of ways. He is constantly developing new products to promote the health of people and the earth, produces them and brings them to market, has touched many people’s hearts as a musician and composer, has designed and built ecological baby beds and houses from clay and wood flour, has given himself over to poetry and lyricism, has immersed himself in alchemy and Mayan culture, has danced for many years as a sun dancer in Mexico and has taught the basics of shamanism in Germany.

Humadi is the epitome of a jack-of-all-trades and uses all his abilities for the benefit of his fellow human beings and nature. What he implements is very fascinating, also his enormous knowledge of various fields is impressive, but the most touching thing is how he makes himself available to everyone who somehow needs help with all his knowledge and abilities – without ifs and buts. People just come to him from everywhere.  On a normal working day, he surely devotes half of his time to other people without asking for anything in return. The phone is constantly ringing and all kinds of people are calling him with all kinds of questions, problems and concerns. When Hubert dedicates himself to someone or something, as he always does, hopeless legal disputes shrink in their threatening nature to the size of a mouse, tricky and stressful life decisions, in which there seem to be two possibilities, ‘rain’ or ‘frying pan’, become easy,joyful decisions; stiff hip joints that have been rusty for years suddenly run again as if they were brand new, some illnesses dissolve within two weeks, people who have been sleepless for months sleep like dormice again. Ask him how he does it, and he says, “When people’s distance from creation decreases, healing occurs on many levels.” His motto is: “Find in yourself the perfection of creation, perfect yourself, you can achieve it all by yourself. Do it, discover your light and unleash the full potential within you.”

With Humadi, there are no empty words. What he says, he lives. He describes all of his actions as active faith, which forms the foundation for putting ourselves back into the exchange of creation and coming into harmony with the great interconnections of nature. Again and again people come to him who see what an incredible effect it has. They want to learn this, because it slumbers in each of us.

Today he lives with his wife in Nuremberg, runs his company, gives lectures and seminars, works with doctors and healers from various European countries to develop new healing methods, conceives and manages an agricultural project based on the principle of biological weak field transmutation to increase the health, regenerative capacity and vitality of plants and soils, and every morning new ideas bubble up from inside him about what else needs to be implemented. Humadi is always on the move. He is hard to beat in his diversity and wealth of ideas, and yet he is one of the most humble people imaginable. One thing is for sure, we can look forward to what else Humadi will create in the years to come.

V.R. Nuremberg, May, 2021