#Staying the Course

The Giraffe Heroes Foundation

Where there are Giraffes there is Hope, Ann Medlock

Giraffe-Heroes are people who have the courage to swim against the currents, where and when these currents are violating the rule of human being; they “stick their neck out” to uphold this very rule for the common good.

GHF has been established by Karl Amadé and a team of friends in November 2017 at Basel, Switzerland. Amadé, a Sinologist by education, has spent his life as an independent entrepreneur in Asia and Europe with a lasting interest in the issues of the mind as well as regeneration of a healthy environment. His encounter and friendship with John Graham and Ann Medlock (www.giraffe.org) has brought about the idea for a Giraffe Heroes Foundation. Amadé understands his role as that of a facilitator: those people attracted by the idea of the Giraffe Heroes Project have to be brought together, interactive platforms need to be formed and impact has to be created. Please join! (SwitzerlandEuropean Union/Worldwide)


Isa Luque Alvarez & Humphrey Matthey

... driving through deserts, visiting the Danakil depression thanks to the TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front) who decided to take ten of these expats hostage for 29 days, negotiating with some really dubious characters, and trying to assist those in need during hard times....

Serena Engel & Jared Rust

These are two people who came to Germany from Australia and America, or better, from Taiwan where they met, fell in love and started to make their music some ten years ago. They are young and beautiful but even more, resilient, artistic, hard working and giving all for creating life and environment in a way lost on most of the lost of today, who are many……

Isabelle & Frédéric

In England (July 22) the closure of the world's largest pediatric gender clinic was announced, following a damning report of ideological practices that had endangered the health of thousands of young patients....

Kaddour Hadadi

…. Et quand le soir à la télé Monsieur le bon roi a parlé Venu annoncer la sentence Nous faisons preuve d'irrévérence Mais toujours avec élégance Nous on veut continuer à danser encore....

Hubert Maria Dietrich (Humadi)

Giraffes are known to need a very, very big and strong heart to pump the blood all the way to the head - Humadi's heart full of helpfulness, attention and generosity is an impressive example. He does not distinguish between living and working. He is not a "40 hours a week do-gooder", but lives his vision every second and with every single activity....

Katharina Lehmann

Katharina Lehmann put her job on the line for the sake of the truth - and lost. As a psychologist, Dr. phil. with her own practice and a permanent position on the Zurich city police force, she could truly have had a quiet life. However, Katharina was not willing to compromise on the truth, stepped out of her comfort zone and put her employment and public reputation on the line.

Lut Wouters and Willy Vandamme

Can you imagine entering a psychiatric hospital on a voluntary base and being compulsory hospitalized, isolated and restrained several hours later. It happened to Lieve, the daughter of Willy Vandamme (76) and Lut Wouters (70)

The Banksy Rescue Captain

Pia Klemp and the crew of the M.V.Louise Michelle

She is 30 meters long and capable of over 28 knots, agile, wears pink and white, runs in a flat hierarchy and is a vegan. She flies a German flag and has a tattoo: a girl in a life vest holding a heart-shaped safety buoy. The M.V. Louise Michel. Smaller but considerably faster than other NGO rescue vessels. Its crew is made up of European activists with long experience in search and rescue operations and is captained by German human rights activist Pia Klemp, who has also captained other such rescue vessels.

Quentin Dujardin

, je risque très fort de refaire une autre sortie et la prochaine sortie sera différente. Je n’ai pas de peur…. On le sent! C'est dans l'air, les gens se battent de tous les secteurs pour ouvertement dire: 'on ne veut plus de ces absurdités! On reconnait qu'il y a une nécessité de mesures sanitaires, mais de grace... soyez justes! (Quoted from “Un Musicien se Révolte”

Wim Hof

... I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’m not going to accept all this disease and war, hungry children, cruelty to animals. I’m not going to accept any of it. Exploitation, insensitivity, is that the goal of humanity? Is this what we are teaching our children at school? ....

Oganes Arustamov

.... however the kid did not play along as the teachers or his mother wanted. He improvised and composed his own melodies, which were not met with much of an understanding; grudgingly ....

Aki Allahgholi

“…. It’s been a hell of a ride the last 4 years but I wouldn’t want to miss any moment of it.”

Sabriye Tenberken and Paul Kronenberg

… Paul got locked up by the Chinese authorities, but was released later. Next the pair proceeded with the establishment of Braille without Borders …

Hendrik Haers

Since human existence depends in no minor part on the presence of bees, Hendrik went all the way to create a more bee friendly environment.

André Wermelinger

André is of an inquisitive character. He wants to know what makes the difference, the difference between truth and fake and what it is what keeps things going – people, nature, the world at large.

Dimi Dumortier

Dimi Dumortier (born 1966 in Brecht, Belgium) has many 'hats': the artist, the activist, the film maker, the social worker/psychologist, the musician and, yes, the actor.

Mohammed el Gharani

He never could be forced to confess an alleged Al-Qaida membership, neither by the Pakistanis directly after imprisonment, nor by the Americans in Afghanistan where he was held for two months nor by the henchmen of Guantanamo over a period of seven years.

Pia Schmid

While looking for some exquisite silk in down town Bern we accidentally got attracted by a little shop. When we opened the door we were received by a small, tender woman with shining eyes.

Lucien (Chris) Malins

Chris develops his passion for natural craft teaching and developing sustainable education as an important resource for a healthier 21st century societies.

Emil Rustige

“Papa, I want to organize a demo against parent’s using their phones instead of talking to their kids. Against always using this gadget instead of talking to each other.”

Burkhart Veigel

With his foundation and website www.fluchthilfe.de Burkhart is engaged in order to understand and debunk the inhuman logic of totalitarian regimes to this day.

Cosco [Louis de Cordier]

Cosco is one of those people just everybody likes: outgoing, sensitive, supportive, laughing a lot and straight forward to the bottom.