#Staying the Course

Vision & Mission

The Giraffe Heroes

The Vision

A global community of conscious, compassionate, responsible and self-determined people; a community whose members are resilient and courageous exemplars of inherent human altruism; a community which has the power to resist change for the worse and forge real solutions to significant public problems.

The Mission

For 35 years now GHP (The Giraffe Heroes Project www.giraffe.org )  has been working to find and tell the stories of committed people—heroes whose actions inspire and empower many more to join them in creating a better world.

It will be GHE’s mission to not only carry the effort further by identifying new individuals engaged in the cause but by organizing them into an interactive community which will have their own voice and, gradually, achieve the powers necessary to create a new trend – the trend for change into the right direction, the direction of value orientated action for the truly common good.

Any person joining the GHE effort becomes her-/himself a part, whatever small or large, of this intrinsically human mission.