#Staying the Course

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What do we do – How can you join?

Nomination and Commendation of Giraffes

You know a person who inspires you and who is DOING something important for all of us? – Then write a brief outline about him/her and why you believe that this person HAS COURAGE TO STAND UP and deserves to be commended AS AN EXAMPLE for others. Keep it brief but don’t forget a few basic facts like age, profession and the key story of concern.

Send this to us via e-mail and our seven member jury will go over it and we shall be in touch. Once commended we shall publish the story and send your nominee the Commendation Certificate.

Joint Engagement of Giraffe-Personalities for Dedicated Topics

The first such project is Giraffes Coping with Climate Crisis, which links five personalities and their individual platforms in different regions of Europe and brings their work to wider public attention by lectures, publications and retreats alike. This enables direct engaging help by anyone taking environmental and climate issues serious and frees a host of synergetic effects among a growing community. Fascinating? – Follow this link.

Projects with the following topics, among others, are to come:

  • Giraffes and Refugees
  • Giraffes and Health
  • Giraffes and Reporting
  • Giraffes and Human Rights
  • Giraffe Education

Please contact us if you are interested in anyone specifically or if you would like to propose a topic yourself.