#Staying the Course


Giraffe Heroes Foundation Europe and kanthari

Giraffe Heroes Sabriye and Paul are an outstanding example of visionary, courageous personalities, who have managed to create kanthari.org an organisation beyond the beaten tracks, which performs as an Incubator for Change Makers, working for the Common Good. Sabriye and Paul equip and coach these future generation leaders with the tools and know-how it takes to recognise the potential and power of the ideas that drive them, so they can transform a vague feeling and wish into a mission and plan for concrete change. In what they are doing the Kantharis are the perfect example of and perfect match for the Giraffe Heroes Project itself and we are looking forward to a growing and ever more fruitful cooperation for our common goals! In our Podcast Series « Stick Your Neck Out! » we are portraying kanthari alumni as well so that you can listen to their stories. But you also may read more about them here right away. Be inspired, feel the kanthari spirit, join the effort!