#Staying the Course


La GHF, tout en étant constituée en tant que fondation suisse bénéficiant du régime fiscal applicable – voir Transparence et statut fiscal – est gérée comme une ONG dans le but d’identifier et de soutenir les personnalités Girafe, ce qui signifie que la recherche de fonds est une question vitale. 

Outre le conseil d’administration et les Amis de la GHF, le jury est l’organe le plus important pour conseiller l’organisation en général et décider de l’attribution de la distinction de Girafe Heroes en particulier. Les membres du jury sont les suivants:

Angela Feng

Angela is a graduate in English from Xuzhou University. Previously she has worked as an interpreter for the World Bank and local government offices in her home province of Hebei. Later on she worked in various consulting positions from where she derived an interest in medical issues. Some 20 years ago she became a cofounder and director of the company which today has become Sorehsa Holding, a joint-venture in rehabilitative and preventive medicine, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland and with main activities concentrated in China. On a personal basis Angela is devoted to the study and exploration of Classical Chinese Medicine.

contact: angela.feng@somantec.net


Christian Ostheimer

IT Specialist (SPB Linux), Basel

Christian is a devoted programmer as well as engaged teacher in physics and philosophy. He is interested in mind and matter in a comprehensive way and a dedicated supporter of the Giraffe Concept of personal courage, mindful independence and the common good as he sees it.

contact: osth@gmx.net


Ralph Siegenthaler

contact: rs@giraffe-heroes.eu


Beat Wacker

Dipl. Architekt & Planer ETH/SIA/SWB

Beat supports GHF with a rare sense and enthusiasm for social justice, a healthy environment and cultural values. Expertise and special dedication go to architectural issues in small and large contexts. Beat founded the company ARC-Architects Bern more than 30 years ago and is heading it ever since. He is a leading member in several public and private organizations actively promoting the preservation of traditional values as well as creating new ones alike.

contact: wacker@arc-bern.ch


Acqua di Basilea

Acqua is pediatrician and an enthusiast for proper causes, especially with a view to education and guidance in health issues but does not shy away from political issues with equal fervor. Helge has actively supported the GHF project since the day it arrived in Switzerland.

contact: helgeruof@sunrise.ch


Marion Ammann

Mobile +41 79 298 78 22

Where injustice becomes justice opposition becomes a duty


Karl Amadé

GHF Founder, PhD

GHF has been set up and is headed by Amadé together with the board and is supported by the Friends of GHF. After obtaining a PhD in Sinology he has started and run a number of companies doing business in China. When accidentally coming across John Grahams book “On the Edge” Amadé was so impressed that he sought contact with the author, out of which a precious friendship developed which in turn has led him to form GHF in the fall of 2017, seeking to spread John Grahams and Ann Medlocks Giraffe-Project in Europe.   Amadé understands his role as that of a facilitator: those people attracted by the idea of the Giraffe Heroes Project have to be brought together, interactive platforms need to be formed and impact has to be created.

contact: tp@giraffe-heroes.eu